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You can’t tell someone you love them if they can’t hear you. Be heard with Wallfly: a revolutionary smart volume control system that ensures perfect levels at your next event.

Music brings order and chaos; revitalizes the soul. Music is the language of the universe.

Too Loud

Take your party to the next level with Wallfly, by letting your guests set their ideal listening levels and continuously balance the music as guests move.

Setting The Scene

You’re good at bringing people together. Your guests arrive to the setting sun. As they venture out onto the balcony, champagne in hand - the music follows them, rising gradually to keep the neighbours happy. They retreat back inside…and the levels gracefully fall.

She takes a seat next to a speaker; Wallfly pans the music to make space for your conversation. You ask her to dance; she takes your hand. As you sway to the beat, the levels rise - it’s a perfect moment, because Wallfly knows when you move to the music, and lets the music move with you.

That’s right, Wallfly whips the llama’s bass, yo!

Why Wallfly?

Wallfly democratises sound.

You can think of Wallfly as cruise control for sound.

Wallfly is suitable for:

Why did you build Wallfly?

Billion dollar idea

Hi, I’m Petrus Theron. I’m a musician and engineer who loves music, and I care about my ears.

After spending $120 on earplugs for festivals, I stopped spending money at extra-loud clubs where the sound levels routinely average 110dB+ (relative to 20uPa) in the middle of the dancefloor. 110dBA induces hearing loss after only 15 minutes.

A wealthy restaurateur told me the keys to a success restaurant: lighting, sound and food - in that order.

I started organising events and realized sound levels are actually a difficult technical problem. So I applied the latest sensor fusion techniques and control system techniques to solve the problem forever.

My hope is that you will soon experience a Wallfly moment: when you are the paying customer at the venue, but the music is too loud to have a conversation, or even order from a waitron. That’s when you should ask for Wallfly.

How Loud is Too Loud?

Noise-induced hearing loss can be permanent.

How Wallfly Works

When you join a Wallfly network, you turn your smartphone into an acoustic sensor that monitors the ambient loudness (as per EBU R128 & ITU-R BS.1770 standards) around you. The loudness measurement is continously fed to a control system that applies the latest in sensor fusion techniques to modulate levels at your party.

As a bonus, you can see what music is playing, add it to your library and give kudos to the DJ! It’s quicker and easier than Shazam (which was recently purchased by Apple).


Wallfly does not record samples. Wallfly only cares about levels and may detect voice-activity energy to compensate levels (e.g. in dinner party mode), but won’t ever record or store any speech.

Dope Features

Technical Overview

Boomy corners? Resonance occurs in a chamber. Every room is a filter. Prevent boominess

Coming soon:


Music is the original social medium. Wallfly is currently raising funding to built the next generation social music experience.

The ideal funding partner for Wallfly would be Sonos, Apple, Spotiy or Novation.

Wallfly implements sensor fusion techniques continuously monitors ambient loudness (as per EBU R128 & ITU-R BS.1770 standards) and apply intelligent gain control to multiple channels.

Launch Date

Launching 2018 Q4.

Who is this for?

Corey Worthington Aussie Party Guy

Image: flickr/matthijs